The Past

by I Speak In Calculus

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This is a compilation of any and all of our recorded material from 2008 - 2010. The album starts with 2 songs we never got around to finishing and releasing and goes to our very first song recorded when we were just a 4 piece in early 2008. We love all of you.


released July 16, 2011

Guitars - Ivan Fargo
Bass - Kurt Girdwood
Synth - John McKinley
Drums - Kevin Beattie (tracks 1-4) Thom Blower (tracks 5-6)
Vocals - Zei Lakeman (tracks 3-4) Charlie King (tracks 5-6)



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I Speak In Calculus Michigan

We are an ever changing mass of oddity.

NEW LP "Giant Ash of the Earth" OUT NOW.

We love you all.

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Track Name: Purple Thunder
amidst the wreckage of the world
we stand with nothing but our filthy hands

our heavy hearts weighing us in place
the only whispers of reassurance
spat forth from unforgiving winds
why are we to suffer these moments alone
in the unbearable wash of emotion
not a single hand to clasp ours
not a single soul to tell us
that everything will be ok.
let the. air fly from your. lungs. and scream. out.
in dissent. from this. wretched.
worlds punishment

it seems only carrion keep company
circling overhead
waiting for us to die
but we are only a meager meal
the skies behind them ill
covered in repulsive sheets
of dreary clouds
it feels so undeserved
that we must face
the world alone
stare back into its
heartless grimace
with no one else at our side

were stumbling through a hateful and ugly existence
that we were told was bright and so loving
we were told we had so much potential
and a whole life to live in its fullest
and all we've been offered is dead ends
and broken promises. and we still stagger forward
dragged through the wreck of all those promises
trying to find meaning where this is none
in this tragic existence we are alone
Track Name: Blueprints
such a obvious charade
holds us together
ushered forth by apathy
well decay in silent refusal
to accept the truth
of the matter

please step into the disease
sold to the oblivious
mankind has taken a leap
into the age of subbordinance

maybe of end of days isn't overdue
we have broken every trust and law of nature,
defiled what we have been given as gifts
we cant flourish unless we destroy

spitting on whats been given,
taking for granted every last breath
locked in the gaze of polygonal demigods
we are the infection that plagues these days
and the cure is self destruction

never needing to be told,
we've already injected
with the vaccine

derailment seems unattainable
where hope is lain aside
for indifference
and sloth
eyes stare hollow
devoid of interest
in helping ourselves
we've given up

ambitions grip has slipped from our dead palms
as we look the other way for our digital saviors

the world seems so much smaller
when you cant see the stars

when you cant, see the stars
this unavoidable truth
will plague us forever
we have been swallowed
by our endeavors
they suffocate us
in the end
our hearts have long since been still
our compassion has long since been calloused
breathes of stale air remain inside us
dead to the warmth of the world
we have forsaken
all that matters

all that we once loved
all that we have cherished.
we have left to be covered in dirt
cast aside